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Off-KH-topic but what do you think of GTA V? And do you think the heavy sexism in it is justified because it's a satire game?





I don’t believe there’s a situation in the world where sexism is justified.

Grand Theft Auto is a really fun game. All of them are. I’ve honestly never run into a Grand Theft Auto that I couldn’t have fun playing. But the series is also really, really messed up, and we can’t ignore that fact. It’s a great example of the way that even something really fun still can be deeply problematic — and the way that even something deeply problematic can still be really fun.

Here’s something I believe:

Life is a pile of good things and bad things. Sometimes the bad things outweigh the good things, and sometimes the good things outweigh the bad things. But sometimes the good things and the bad things don’t do either one. Sometimes they simply coexist, side by side, neither negating the other. And for me, Grand Theft Auto is one of those times. It’s true that it’s fun, and it’s true that it’s disturbingly racist, sexist, violent, and more. Both are true. Both are valid. Both just…are.

That said, I actually reject the idea that Grand Theft Auto is a satire series. I wish it were. It would be better if it were. But the cornerstone of satire is criticism, and so much of what the Grand Theft Auto series does, it does completely sincerely. No criticism. No commentary. No wit. Just the genuine glorification of bloodshed and misogyny.


The satire is quite obvious really

Oh, is it, now? Would you care to share with the class, or do you just exist to make hollow remarks for the sake of being contrary?

Tell you what. Let’s take out the word “satire” for now, just because a lot of people don’t understand what satire is or how it works. Instead, let’s use the word “ridicule.” Because that’s what satire is, really, when you strip it down to its most basic and essential components. Satire is the use of humor, wit, and irony to publicly denounce and shame someone or something. Think about Stephen Colbert, probably the single most prominent satirist of our time. Four days a week, he sits behind a big fancy news desk and he ridicules American politicians and pundits by pretending to be on their side and passionately declaring his “support” for them by restating their arguments in the most ridiculous terms — terms that expose and highlight things like double standards, logical fallacies, moral failings, hidden agendas, and more.

So, what does Grand Theft Auto ridicule?

Is it violence? No, it can’t be that. It revels in violence. It basks in violence. Violence is the main reason anyone plays these games. The audience is made up primarily of people who sincerely want to cause chaos and blow shit up in the context of the game world. There’s no irony or ridicule there. It’s the entire appeal. We play for the mayhem. Put it this way: No one plays Grand Theft Auto, gets in a car, and then proceeds to obey all the traffic laws. And I’m not even necessarily saying that’s a bad thing. To an extent, I think it can actually be very healthy to deal with those feelings in a constructive, safe, fictional context. Case in point: A few years ago, I was in a car accident that left me, frankly, pretty scared to drive again, and, for me, it was actually kind of therapeutic to play a game where I could crash into people and people could crash into me and there would never be any consequences for any of it. In a way, playing through these scenarios in the game helped me deal with the issues in my head. And that’s good. But that doesn’t make it satire. It’s not ridiculing the overabundance of violence in our world. On the contrary, it wants you to get your jollies from inflicting as much of that sweet, sweet, wanton, consequence-free violence as you can.

Now, there are points in the series where the storyline approaches something vaguely resembling social commentary. For example, Grand Theft Auto V has Michael, a retired ex-criminal who gets back into the game purely because he just can’t stand the sheer obnoxious frivolity of upper-class white American existence. And his segments of the game certainly turn a critical eye to things like millennial entitlement, reality TV shows, pseudo-philosophical “New Age” gurus, and the like, but that’s just it: The game asks us to hate Michael’s son for being spoiled and his daughter for being “loose” (why, hello, there, slut shaming) while at the same time asking us to sympathize with a man who murders for fun. And, really, why wouldn’t we? The game’s core audience is also made up of men who murder for fun — at least within the context of the game itself. The game doesn’t mock violence. The game embraces violence. And it expects you to embrace it, too.

Same with its misogyny.

Same with its transmisogyny, more specifically.

Same with its gay-bashing.

Same with all of its worst parts.

When I was working in kindergarten, I had a little boy who came from a family that bred their sons to be men. Now, this kid was already displaying some problematic thoughts; I couldn’t possibly know about cars because I’m a woman, he thought he didn’t have to take me seriously because I’m a young woman, gay people were strange and meant to be jokes, and violence was very entertaining. He also tried to joke like a 16-year-old would, showing me that he spent a lot of time with his older brothers… and what do you know, they were playing GTA 5. 

No one thought that him playing it was a bad thing at all. I really have to wonder how much of his behavior stemmed from being allowed to play these games, and how much of it was validated by playing them. He mostly talked about the mayhem caused by cars, but did he see any of that other material? Did he laugh? He was 5. 

Now, I know that he is in no way the intended audience for these games and should never be allowed to play them, but what does that say about the series? What’s going on here that you’d be ashamed of letting a child see? Misogyny, transmisogyny, gay-bashing, et al. (This is fully acknowledging that games do not have to be child-friendly, but how much of this shit can you justify by labeling it satire?)

That’s my experience with GTA, and many of my teaching friends have also had huge problems with it in the classroom. So all in all: not a fan.

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